Safety and Grace

Macbook Pro- Shape Technique
Real-time Check on Your Car
Voice Control While Driving
Side by Side with Jidou,
Your Excellent Driving Assistant

  • Extra-large Screen
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Road Condition
  • UHD
  • Ultra-fast Internet
  • Super-fast WIFI
  • Bluetooth Phone
  • Audiovisual Entertainment
  • HIFI Quality
  • Rear View Camera
  • IOV
  • Anti-theft security

Top Speed And Fast Response

Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 is installed. PC-level processing capacity. Speedy response during multitask

Qualcomm Snapdragon

8 Core Processor - Octa core


Outstanding RAM



High Definition Display

HD Large Screen. Brand new visual experience. More fun in your car while driving and navigating.

  • Easier Navigation
  • Superior Reminder
  • Improved Audio
    Visual Display
1280*720 1024*600

Clarity even under strong sunlight

Not clear under sunlight? Jidou is your choice. Different brightness with 300cd/m2 screen, Jidou’s highlight
screen is upgraded to 500cd/m2 and remains clear even under dizzy sunlight.

  • -20~70°C


  • -20~70°C


  • -20~70°C


Nomal Screen High Brightness Screen Jidou Screen

U-blox Chips
Europe-originated Core Positioning Technology

U-blox, established in Switzerland in 1997, has won huge success in Europe by its GPS receiving algorithm and GPS chips. The focus on vehicular GPS enables U-blox to become the supplier for premium brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ferrari,Porsche,Audi, etc.
With its military-level technique and quality,its position as the championship in GPS has been further cemented since 2006 when it acquired every GPS and Galileo Navigation System .

GPS +Beidou Navigation System= Assurance

Galileo Navigation System of Europe, GPS of the US and Beidou Navigation System in China, the three most advanced navigation systems in the world. In Jidou, a dual navigation system, GPS+Beidou Navigation System, is adopted. Positioning, adjusting, real-time feedback made through the dual system ensures a more accurate navigation and avoid detours and mistakes.

GPS Satellite

Beidou Satellite

Detailed Car Information

Working perfected with the car, Jidou offers you everything from the reversing and OPS system, to more
detailed information such as air conditioning, mileage, and fuel load.

Interface may vary in different cars

Original Instrument Panel

  • Clear Display on Contacts’ Name and Numbers
  • Jidou displays diversion, distance and road’s name, the three key information on the instrument panel.
  • Radio frequency and channel’s name on the panel
  • The dashboard can display the song name and singer name of the music in play

Rich Original Car Information Alarm Tips

Directly connected with the central control, a real-time access to the car information ,
safety and convenience guaranteed

  • Door Open
  • Safety Belt Unfastened
  • Handbrake On
  • Lights On
  • Trunk Opened
  • Double Flash
  • Low Fuel Load
  • High Water Temperature

Pectly compatible with common car modelserf

Perfectly compatible with the majority of available models